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Brad Davis, Wood Artist

Table  People are drawn to touch my work.



Inevitably, they run a hand over the furniture, trace a finger along the grain and pause at a knot, and emark about the feel of the piece. Often, they then exhale, as if the wood has touched them. There is a link between individuals—the art patrons, gallery owners, clients and customers—and my art.

I strive for that connection—just as I strive to bring out the essence of the wood. Letting the natural shapes and expressions of the wood guide me, I follow its grains and form in crafting pieces of furniture and works of art. My intention is to take the richest and most colorful, the complex and intricate, the very heart of the tree, and open it up for you to experience—to engage your imagination.

Works of Art in Wood

For 35 years, Brad Davis has created exquisite works in wood, fine art and functional. His exceptional pieces are found in many Northwest homes and galleries.

As an artisan, he features the grain—knowing that from this core, the wood’s beauty and history flow. His crafts-manship is superb; his joinery and finish work, exacting.

Wall hangings. The abstract landscapes thrill in their simplicity and startling beauty. Twists and knots add character and mystery to the multi-hued panels. Spalted maple is framed in yew, black walnut paired with ash. The grains appear as liquid, a wash of fine lines capturing motion. “I can’t resist them!” – Gallery patron

Table Furniture. Long tables, low tables, slender sofa tables, bold coffee tables, end tables, tables with a shelf. A hickory slab is agnificently, simply transformed. Rainforest marble joins black walnut. Dramatic images face off in mirrored planks, twin bread boards bookend a variegated top, a peaceful ash bench holds stories. “Unique, phenomenal, stunning. Nothing short of masterful.” – Clients